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Development notes

Phing targets

Phing targets

  • $ phing setup: Prepare project for development.
  • $ phing qa: Run quality tests, use this before every commit.


Documentation is built when a release is created.

To install mkdocs locally type:

sudo -H pip install mkdocs

Using Phing behind a proxy

If you are developing behind a proxy, you have to set the environment variable http_proxy. This variable already is imported in build.xml, so you have nothing to do.

Creating new convention

  1. Create new Gluer class
  2. Create new split car
  3. Update \Jawira\CaseConverter\Convert::analyse if needed
  4. Register into \Jawira\CaseConverter\Convert::handleSplitterMethod
  5. Register into \Jawira\CaseConverter\Convert::handleGluerMethod
  6. Update docblock \Jawira\CaseConverter\Convert to register new methods.
  7. Update documentation

Railroad diagram

Class diagrams

Phing targets

Phing targets

Phing targets