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Case Converter

To use Case Converter you have to instantiate Convert class, to do so you can use the new keyword or the CaseConverter factory class.

The string you want to convert should be passed at instantiation. This cannot be changed later since Convert class is immutable.

$var = new Convert('string-to-convert');

Typically, you are going to call Convert methods this way:

Method call

Basic usage


use Jawira\CaseConverter\Convert;

$robot = new Convert('The-Terminator');

echo $robot->toPascal(); // TheTerminator
echo $robot->toCobol();  // THE-TERMINATOR
echo $robot->toSnake();  // the_terminator

Explicit case detection

In some edge cases you have to explicitly set the format of input string to have the desired output:

use Jawira\CaseConverter\Convert;

$agency = new Convert('FBI');

echo $agency->toCobol();   // FBI
echo $agency->toSnake();   // fbi

echo $agency->toCobol();   // F-B-I
echo $agency->toSnake();   // f_b_i

echo $agency->toCobol();   // FBI
echo $agency->toSnake();   // fbi

Force Simple Case-Mapping

You can still use Simple Case-Mapping even if you are using PHP 7.3 or newer:

<?php declare(strict_types=1);

require __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';

use Jawira\CaseConverter\Convert;

$robot = new Convert('Straße');

echo $robot->toMacro();     // output: STRAßE

Learn more about Case-Mapping.

Using the factory

CaseConverter factory is going to instantiate Convert class for you.

In the following code $this->cc is an instance of \Jawira\CaseConverter\CaseConverter and implements \Jawira\CaseConverter\CaseConverterInterface. This is useful because the factory should be instantiated by the Dependency Injection mechanism provided by your favorite framework.

// Convert string to Pascal case
$this->cc->convert('XML')->toPascal(); // Xml

// Convert string to Snake case
$this->cc->convert('v3.0.2')->toSnake(); // v3_0_2

// Convert string to Camel case
$this->cc->convert('first-name')->toCamel(); // firstName

// Convert from Lower case to Dot case
$this->cc->convert('non-SI units')->fromLower()->toDot(); // non-si.units

// Get detected words
$this->cc->convert('Mario Bros')->toArray(); // ['Mario', 'Bros']

// Retrieve original string
$this->cc->convert('use_the_force')->getSource(); // use_the_force

More about CaseConverter factory.