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Using the factory

Besides \Jawira\CaseConverter\Convert you also have at your disposal:

  • \Jawira\CaseConverter\CaseConverter
  • \Jawira\CaseConverter\CaseConverterInterface

Instead of using new Convert(); you can use the convenience method from CaseConverter class.

In concrete, you have to call \Jawira\CaseConverter\CaseConverter::convert to create Convert objects.

Here an example:

namespace App;

use Jawira\CaseConverter\CaseConverterInterface;

class MySuperNameCreator
    protected $cc;

    public function __construct(CaseConverterInterface $cc)
        $this->cc = $cc;

    public function variableName(string $slug): string
        // `->convert()` returns a `Convert` object.
        $myConvert = $this->cc->convert($slug);
        return $myConvert->toCamel();

    public function constantName(string $slug): string
        // Of course you can also chain everything.
        return $this->cc->convert($slug)->fromKebab()->toMacro();

Please note that an interface -CaseConverterInterface- is also provided. If you are using Symfony you can use this interface with Symfony autowiring to automatically instantiate CaseConverter, otherwise if you are working in a standalone project you should try php-di project.

Using \Jawira\CaseConverter\CaseConverter::convert is preferred because:

  • Usually the new operator is considered harmful.
  • You can easily mock dependencies when writing tests.
  • It's SOLID